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I am NOT a REPUBLICAN, I am NOT a DEMOCRAT, I am not an "INDEPENDENT", I am not a LIBERAL, I am not an ENVIRONMENTALIST(treehugger), I am not an ACTIVIST, I and not a POLITICIAN,  I am NOT a COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE(believing that my hard earned money should support someone else). I AM A CONSTITIONAL CONSERVATIVE WHO BELIEVES IN SMALLER GOVERNMENT, LESS SPENDING, LOWER TAXES AND MORE INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. In other words, I am JUST LIKE MOST OF YOU!!! Our goverment is out of control.  Wild spending, debt farther than the eye can see, overbearing rules, laws, and regulations, and the stifling of individual ingenuity and promise that has made this country the greatest in the world.  I believe that the founders believed that this country should be based on the rule of law, not the rule of man. Now the government has decided that it will control our lives from cradle to grave. I can decide what type of lightbulb I want to use, car I want to drive, house I want to live in, and food I want to eat without some government beaurocrat telling me what is "best" for me. Hey, I'm big enough to make my own decisions without the strong hand of the federal government coming down on me. And don't get me started on TAXES, THE ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH CARE, and EDUCATION.......This federal government IS TOTALLY out of control. State's rights have been trampled and now the state's must beg at the alter of the almighty federal government. Excuse me, I think the Constitution says that it should be the other way around.  The only way to take our country's government away from a centralized federal system and restore it to the individual states is for us, the citizens, to understand the principles of a constitutional republic. READ THE CONSTITUTION. UNDERSTAND THE 18 ENUMERATED POWERS THAT THE CONSTITUTION BESTOWS UPON THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. READ AND STUDY THE AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION AND WHY THEIR APPLICATION IS SO CRUCIAL TODAY.
BECOME INFORMED. The rationale that is used by politicians to explain all of the idiocy that the are heaving upon this republic is INSANE.  it is all so easily refuted by understanding the founding Father's principles for limited government laid out in the Constitution for anyone to read. It is not subject to interpretation--IT IS FACT.
BECOME INVOLVED  First, become informed, then talk to your neighbors, your friends, your family...generate some discussion, read about what is going on(it will scare you), listen to conservative talk radio(but DO NOT become a parrot, research the facts and be certain that information is correct), become involved in your local community's political process(after all, everything should start there), run for Congress(you gotta be better than most of what's there now, run for President (if a peanut farmer, Hollywood actor, and community organizer with NO political or business experience can do it, you can too) and if you're like me, put a bumper sticker on your car, truck, boat, plane, RV, house, boat, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, child, dog, cat, horse, whatever!!


Just please don't stand by and let our country become another failed socialist experiment. 
I am a regular citizen who has taken the extraordinary step of becoming informed be too.  IT'S WAY TOO IMPORTANT NOT TO....Our futures, our kids futures, our grandkids futures, and beyond, are at stake. 


UPDATE 8/21/12
I haven't updated the site in quite a while..since October 2011 to be exact..but I am very concerned that ouyr freedoms are slipping away as apathy and nit picky fighting in Washington overshadows the looming crisis about to erupt within our country. What is left of our freedoms are being put under the thumb of a centralized government intent on destroying individuality and achievement. Whether Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference. Boehner and McConnell are basically no different than Pelosi and Reid. There are great examples of exceptions...Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Jan Brewer, Jim Demint and others I haven't mentioned, but they are few and far between. Romney/Ryan are by far no means the best choices in my opoinion to lead this country out of the quagmire we are in, but they are the ONLY choice right now. WE MUST STOP OBAMA. WE MUST WIN THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE. If we start there and are not satisfied AFTER 4 YEARS, we throw the bums out and start over. I WILL BEGIN REGULAR UPDATES  AS OF TODAY UNTIL THE ELECTION IS OVER, OR UNTIL THE COUNTRY IS BACK ON THE RIGHT PATH TO FREEDOM

 Update 11/20/13:  It has been a while since I have updated my site. Things are much worse than they were in my last update. Obamacare, immigration "reform", debt, taxes, restrictions on freedoms...all have gotten worse.  PLEASE SUPPORT SMALL GOVERNMENT, FREEDOM LOVING POLITICIANS LIKE TED CRUZ.  That is our only hope. That enough politicians are elected like Cruz whose goal is not personal gain but love of country and freedom. Research the Convention of the States...We can succeed, but it will be a long uphill battle. Educate your neighbor, talk to your kids, support real conservative politicians. RINOs gotta go..and we are the key
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